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Through our email list, we connect with one another, ask help, volunteer, post opportunities, announce any last-minute changes...

"I'd like to crew" or "I've room on my boat this week" or "I'm sailing at Lake St. Clair Saturday..." or "I need help with..."

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If you're familiar with email groups, go to our CreekFleet group, and click "Apply For Membership In This Group". You will be asked to enter your email address. You will soon receive an email welcoming you to our group. You can then change your preferences, including opting for "digest" form. With "digest" you will receive all individual emails grouped into a longer, occasional email, with a "table of contents" (which uses the subject line of each individual email). If you don't like emails from names you don't recognize, digest is a good choice, though time-sensitive ops/info may reach your email box too late.

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If you're not familiar with email lists, and you have trouble joining, email Amelia Meyer for help.

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Thanks to Bruce Cunningham, CreekFleet now has a Facebook page! If you're a Facebook fan, visit us there and help us grow our club.

CreekFleet is open to all methods of communication/sharing/connecting. If you're a creeker and have ideas of how we can even better connect, do tell.

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