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join our fun sailing

Join our fun!

Every Thursday Evening

Throughout the summer. First race starts at 6:30 PM. Allow yourself enough time to rig and be on the water prior, so as not to miss any of the fun. Read more about events or download our sailing dates calendar.

Come to the boat launch

at Stony Creek Metro Park, where the action starts. Sailing your own boat, or looking for a ride, aim to arrive at 5:30. By 6 PM, some CreekFleet members will have already launched; some will be at the docks, others rigging, or still arriving. Watch masts go up, chat with members. Ask about a ride; if you're offered one, have your life jacket handy, and say, "yes!"

Watch the races

Join our sailing committee on the grassy point. CreekFleet fans, sailors, and want-to-bes welcome. There's a great view of the lake, and the start/finish line especially. Chat with our volunteer committee; learn more about small boat sailing, our group, and racing.


Our email list is a great place to let people know your desires. Would you like to crew? Be honest about your experience, and tell a little about yourself. You might get a response quickly, via our list. Or, just show up early, chat with skippers; you may connect on the spot.

Some creekers enjoy company aboard, others prefer racing alone, or with their consistent crew. Most of us just want you to enjoy small boat sailing as much as we do! So get yourself a sailboat and come play regularly. More boats, more fun!

Need help with your boat?

Haven't sailed much, or it's been a while? New-to-you boat? Need help rigging? Members can usually give you a quick hand, or answer questions. Keep in mind, sailors are readying their own boats, so arrive early, and do what you can alone first. Be direct communicating your needs/wants. If the person you ask can't help you, he/she will usually introduce, or direct you to a member who can.

If you already know what help you'll need, ask beforehand via our email list. You might connect with someone who has a boat like yours; perhaps arrange to meet a bit earlier that day.

What we ask of every Creeker

Be kind. Be helpful. Share what you know. CreekFleet is a grassroots club on a shoestring budget. We each enjoy different aspects of small boat sailing, and are diverse in personalities and skills; that is our strength. We each do what we are comfortable with, and good at, and everybody wins.

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