We welcome participants of all ages and abilities

Grassroots sailing club

Our club started in 2009. We wanted a family friendly sailing club. Mix new and want-to-be sailors with been-there and already-won-that sailors. People of all ages who may, or may not, know what fun and value lies in sailboat "racing."

Who we are

Regardless of the model, brand, or age of the boat owned, you are welcome. CreekFleet provides opportunities to learn to sail better by having regular sailing dates, setting an easy-to-understand course, and encouraging everyone to sail around the buoys. For us, sailing is all about fun.

What we ask all members

Be kind. Be helpful. Share what you know. We each have different personalities and different skills. Do what you do best, and everybody wins.


Zero Obligations

You need not be a member to participate, but we hope you will join, sometime during your first season with us. That way, we'll have record of your name, get to know the names of your regular crew/kids, and learn about the boat you sail.


There is no cost to race with us, though you will need a pass for your car and your boat to get into Stony Creek Metropark.

No boat, no problem!

You are welcomed to crew by connecting with a skipper by joining our email group or follow-us on Facebook. Or, just show up early, chat with skippers; you may connect on the spot.

Experienced Sailors

CreekFleet strives to have a wide variety of skills, boats, and ages represented. Everyone a teacher, everyone a student.


We encourage those with a love and knowledge of small boat sailing to become a mentor, and/or participate with your own boat, to grow our club and sport. Answer questions about sailing. Give tips to our sailors when asked.


Volunteer to work race committee, or help the race committee, on race day. An extra set of eyes is always welcome.

Meet some of our members

Marc Meyer


Marc heads our club, and does a great job of it. Marc sails a vintage Pintail. The boat has only had two owners, Marc and Marc dad's. She's still shiny, and I'm pretty sure that Pintail loves Marc—almost as much as he loves her. He often takes people for rides, and quietly works to grow the Pintail population within CreekFleet. When Marc isn't sailing his Pintail, he sails a Wayfarer.

Mary & Tom Pawlicki

Expo 14.2

Tom started sailing at 13. He introduced Mary into sailing on his Hobie Cat (1987). Mary became skipper in 2005 when they bought their Catalina Expo.

Dan Shock

Flying Scot

Dan started sailing in 2008 to find an activity he could enjoy with his 16 year old son. Starting with a Laser from Avon Sailboats before moving on to double handed sailing in a Buccaneer and then finally to the Flying Scot. Dan enjoys learning new tactics in racing small sailboats as much as he likes to share his knowledge with other sailors.

Norm Starr

Melges 14

Norm has been sailing for many years starting on bigger boats racing on Lake St Clair, Lake Huron and Lake Superior. He much more enjoys small boat sailing where you truly learn and improve your sailing skills.

Kevin Varga


Kevin first started sailing by learning to windsurf when he was 11 and sailing has been his passion ever since. After sailing in various large boat classes over the years he now spends his time on the water sailing a Laser. He is interested in growing the Laser population within our group, and Laser racing in this area. He often travels to other clubs to compete in Laser class races.