2023 Sailing Schedule

Date Race Time Location
May 18 & 25 Shakedown Sail 6:30pm Stony Creek Metropark, Shelby Twp, MI
May 28 Dan Rice Regatta 9:30am U of M Sail Club - Dexter, MI
June 2-4 Bayview One-Design   Bayview Yacht Club - Detroit, MI
June 1 to Aug 31 Thursday Night Races 6:30pm Stony Creek Metropark, Shelby Twp, MI
June 4 CreekFleet Sail/Sale Day 10:00am Stony Creek Metropark, Shelby Twp, MI
June 25 CreekFleet Summer Solstice Regatta 10:00am Stony Creek Metropark, Shelby Twp, MI
July 23 CreekFleet Lake St. Clair Regatta 10:00am Brandenburg Park in Chesterfield, MI
Aug 4-6 Traverse Bay Cruise   Power Island Weekend Camping
Aug 20 CreekFleet Dog Days of Summer Regatta 10:00am Stony Creek Metropark, Shelby Twp, MI
Sep 10 to Oct 29 Sunday Afternoon Races 2:00pm Stony Creek Metropark, Shelby Twp, MI
Sept 16-17 Clark Lake Regatta   Clark Lake Yacht Club - Clark Lake, MI
Oct 29 Bone Chiller Regatta Tentative 9:30am U of M Sail Club - Dexter, MI

CreekFleet Racing

easy and informal format

Any boat can participate, with any number of people on board. We encourage you to try racing, even if you don't yet know basic rules. Learn as you go. Our sailors are friendly and helpful, on and off the water.

Some very much enjoy competition, though most of us are not out to prove how fast we are. We sail together to improve our sailing skills, which increases our enjoyment of the sport. It's just more fun when lots of boats are on the water, and sailing a course provides more opportunities to gain skills.

Race Course

We sail simple courses based on wind direction and use a 3 minute start sequence.

Our race course marks are in the same general place on the lake each week. We round marks to port or starboard depending on the wind direction that day. Our committee will tell you, others on the course will shout it to you verbally, and the committee will post a large, red or green, course number at the grassy point. (Red = marks to port/left side of your boat; Green = marks to starboard/right side of your boat.)

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Short Course

To nurture newer sailors (and accommodate all kinds of boats), we set a short course option. We encourage those who sail more slowly and/or are new to racing to round the closest marks.

Long Course

Experience skippers sail our long course. If you find you're consistently winning the shorter course, try sailing our longer course. If you're not sure which to sail, talk with Marc, and/or other experienced members; this will help you make a decision.


We use two scoring systems to ensure no one is slighted, and "everybody fits!" We score boats using the fairest handicap system.

Portsmouth Handicap

Boats sailing the long course, will be scored based on the boats Portsmouth rating.

If your model of boat has no Portsmouth rating and/or you are new to racing sail our short course. All boats sailing the short course are scored using the "Delta Time Handicap".

Delta Time Handicap (CreekFleet System)

We will time your boat each week you sail, and you will develop an average, and compete against others in this group. Boats that sail the short course are only scored with our CreekFleet system. Boats that sail the long course are also scored using this handicap system.

Race Committee

Once you've sailed a full season, Marc will ask you to do race committee for one week the next season. It's not difficult, even if you've never done it before. You will gain new, and valuable, perspective from the experience; it's important growth. He will pair you with another skipper or ask your crew to assist you.

The committee is Always Right; that in itself is great! Sailors on the course are amiable and forgiving; we all had a first time. You will be appreciated!

Marc has made the "job" easy: automated start machine, all supplies, and clear instructions. We encourage you to bring friends/family; extra eyes to spot the sail numbers as boats finish is handy. If you serve alone, ask help from fans/onlookers. People like to be included in CreekFleet!

Email Marc with any questions.

Committee is to arrive at one hour prior to the first race.