Frequently Asked Questions

When do you race?

Every Thursday evening throughout the summer. First race starts at 6:30 PM.

Every Sunday afternoon throughout the fall. First race starts at 2:00 pm.

Where do you race?

Go to the Boat Launch at Stony Creek. Along the drive to the ramps, pull off to the side; you can put your mast up, and rig/ready your boat for launching there. Click here for directions.

How much to join?

There is no cost to race with us, though you will need a pass for your car and your boat to get into Stony Creek Metropark.

How many participate and what kinds of boats sail?

All kinds. Our record attendance is 29 boats; most Thursday evenings draw a dozen or more. Types you'll likely see: Catalina 16.5, 14.2, Expo 14.2, Sunfish, Laser, Flying Scot, Buccaneer, Mutineer, Pintail, Super Snark, Hobie 16 and 18, Holder 14, Wayfarer. we've had sailing kayaks, windsurfers, home-crafted boats...Any boat with a sail is welcome to join us.

Will you cancel when too windy or too light?

Read our leader's suggestions/comments race-day morning on our email list regarding the weather forecast. Remain optimistic: iffy and ho-hum forecasts have turned into some of our best sailing days! Come, and be prepared to sail. You can always decide not to launch/sail, if it seems too brisk for your skills, or too light for you/your type of boat. Know: we put safety — first and foremost; we don't "just" care about (yours and our) fun.

Too windy (or seemingly-too-light wind), often provide excellent opportunities to pair with more experienced sailors, and learn safe-handling techniques, or more about racing: starts, buoy rounding, rules, and strategy. Nothing like a one-on-one answering specific questions...a mentor, who might become your life-long friend, too!

Can I crew on a boat?

Join our email list is a great place to let people know your desires. Would you like to crew? Be honest about your experience, and tell a little about yourself. You might get a response quickly, via our list.

Or, just show up early, chat with skippers; you may connect on the spot. Ask about a ride; if you're offered one, have your life jacket handy, and say, "yes!"

How many races?

Typically, we sail at two to four races. Our race committee will make that decision at the conclusion of the second/third race, given wind, and amount of boats participating — knowing each member will need sufficient time to dock and exit the water; park rules require all boats to be off the lake by dusk.

What if I am late?

Join in best you can. Sail by the committee on the grassy point anytime before the start of the second race. We'll note your sail number, and include you in the next race.

Can I watch?

Absolutely. There's a good view from the grassy point, where our sailing committee sets up, and onlookers gather. Ask questions, chat. See for yourself how easy it is, and how fun we are.

Can I get help rigging my boat?

Members can usually give you a quick hand, or answer questions. Keep in mind, sailors are readying their own boats, so arrive early, and do what you can alone first. Be direct communicating your needs/wants. If the person you ask can't help you, he/she will usually introduce, or direct you to a member who can.

Can I store my boat at Stony Creek?

Stony Creek has a boat storage area where you can store your boat year round. Storing your boat at the park allows you to leave your mast up, as it's a short distance from the storage lot to the launch ramps and there are no overhead wires or tree branches.


$400 - Summer (April 1 - October 31)
$200 - Winter (November 1 - March 31)


The boat launch is operated by the park. If you have questions about the storage at Stony, call Stony Creek Metropark main office at (586) 781-4242. Information provided here is general: what is typically available, the cost, risk, ease, based on CreekFleet members' collective experiences over the years.

Tips from our members

If you store at Stony, remove anything from your boat that can be easily stolen (is expensive, or difficult to replace quickly). Securely strap/tie your boat and trailer to ground anchors, in case of major winds. (We have had tornado-force some years, and precaution is a good thing.) You might want to mention "get anchors" to the guys who are parked on both sides of you too. Boats can topple like dominoes in high winds unless anchored.


Each boat participating in the race shall have a valid minimum of $300,000 Boat Liability Insurance. All participants in the sponsored sail racing activity shall provide a signed waiver of liability